Saturday, February 17, 2018

Homeward Bound

After two days in Havana, we were ready to head back home so, after a long clearing out process, we departed Marina Hemingway around 11 this morning. The breeze is on the nose again, but at least we have the gulf stream with us. We'll clear back into the US at Lauderdale then head for Charleston, SC, probably arriving Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.
In all, this was a pretty cool adventure but logistically challenging. I'm glad I did it, despite the poor showing against Dragon, and learned a lot about making the boat go fast from Chris. His guidance on sail trim has been invaluable.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

In Florida Waters

We had a pretty quick ride until around 7pm last night when we bumped into the most insane lightening shower I'd ever seen. We were too close for comfort as strikes rained down very 3-5 seconds within a mile of us.

At first it looked like we were going to stay high of the center, then we had a massive wind shift and went below instead. As the wind began to die, we were happy to fire up the engine and put some distance between us. We could see the lightening off our stern for the next 5 hours in a spectacular show.

We brought out the sails again a couple hours ago and are ghosting along at around 6 knots in light air.