Monday, November 20, 2017

Southward Bound

After a weather delay this weekend, John Keane and I departed for Charleston, SC around 10AM this morning. The breeze is much more manageable today than it would have been yesterday, the seas too. Some of the offshore NOAA buoy data showed wave heights in the upper teens so we expect that to be in the lower teens by the time we get out there later tonight.

It'll still be rather wet though. Even the small 4-6 foot waves as we exited the bay brought plenty of spray to the cockpit. These are wet boats.

We're sailing with a double reefed main and the J3 in breeze in the mid-20, which is pretty conservative for this boat in these conditions, but this is a delivery, not a race, and our goal is to not break anything. We tried the solent in the bay when we first left NEB but the gusts were killing us so we downgraded. We have both the tanks full at this point which really helped flatten the boat out and provide some stability.

The routing challenge for this delivery is avoiding a low that will be coming by us Wednesday morning. We'll aim pretty far West today and tomorrow to be sure it passes to the East of us.

To see were we are, click on the link to the right labeled "Privateer Iridium Tracker"

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