Friday, November 3, 2017

Privateer Update

Prior to heading for Miami over Thanksgiving, there's much to do, most importantly, I need to have the boat weighted, measured and subjected to the 90 degree test. Per Appendix to Class Rules 1.5 which requires "a new measurement following any change in ownership. The purpose of this requirement is to update the data for each boat at a given moment to limit any uncertainty from changes made from year to year."

In other words, they're looking for cheaters. People who make modifications to their boats without reporting said changes to the class.

Privateer's seller is definitely not the type to circumvent rules so I have no doubt this is a complete waste of time and money, but it must be done if I expect to compete in my first class event, Atlantic Cup, in May and June.

Presently it's scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday of next week, depending on the weather, and I'll try to post photos/video/updates along the way. In the meantime, here's a list of projects i'm dealing with:

Order spare parts for Ronstan mast track/cars
Take apart halyard lock, clean/grease/reassemble/test
Re-string pipe berths
Deal with all the trailer shenanigans, including harness wiring, inventory, registration, plates, etc
Replace battery combiner
Secure Winches with proper nuts, washers
Measure stern for hailing port lettering, order, install
Strip old gasket from fwd compartment hatches and install new one
Test observed capacity of manual bilge pumps

Pre-90 degree test:
Drain engine oil
Put engine absorb rags around dipstick
Drain engine coolant
Drain sail drive oil
Close raw water intake & run engine to try to get rid of all seawater
Tape up fuel tank vent

Lastly, I apologize to those of you who subscribe to my blog. If you signed up for email updates, you would have received a pile of posts yesterday and today as I tested the Iridium tracker. The issues are all worked out and you can track Privateer here, if you wish, or click on the link to the right named "Privateer Iridium Tracker"

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