Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Final Stretch

It's Russ' birthday today! Happy Birthday!

We're about 90 miles from the finish line so we're hoping to cross tomorrow morning. The forecast has been a bit fickle today in a dying breeze then it picked up from the SW so for the moment, we're generally heading in the right direction. If the forecast holds true, we expect a shift to the S and a beat into Bermuda.

All systems are working normally on board including the watermaker so I basked in the luxury of a shower today, as did Russ. Many of my sailing friends reading this will no doubt chide me for such extravagances during an ocean race but when you race a cruising boat, there's no point in not taking advantage of these things. On my buddy Tom's boat, Whisper, they are undoubtedly running the air conditioner today - now that's true luxury.

Ruse is having a hell of a race out here so I think they are the boat to beat in our class at this point. Close on our heels is Yankee Girl which is a Morris 36 Justine co-skippered by another Morris 36 Justine owner so there's some serious experience with that boat on board. The other double handed class is presently dominated by Kiva and Solarus, two boat who have benefited from their long waterlines and their strategy of going East of the Rhumbline. We're doing our best to stay in the hunt.

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