Thursday, June 23, 2016

Homeward Bound

We finished yesterday late morning, just ahead of Ruse so that was an interesting turn of events at the end. Not sure how we did in the standing but I would imagine the official results won't be available until later today or tomorrow.

After finishing, we motored to Hamilton, cleared in/out and subjected Jeroboam to a post-race safety inspection, which is identical to the pre-race inspection. This is the only race I do that conducts inspections on both ends. I suppose the race committee no longer believes this is a gentleman's sport and assumes at least some of the boats will attempt to race lighter by ejecting some safety gear between the pre-race inspection and the start. I can't imagine anyone doing that and would be shocked if they uncovered any examples of this.

By around 7pm last night, I was outside the reef and heading north toward the South Channel entrance to the Gulf of Maine. The forecast looks mild so it's going to be a stretch to be home in time for the conga line of conference calls on my calendar Monday but I will push the boat as hard as I can to get back.

Damage report from the race course mainly consists of the whisker pole. We were surfing dead downwind with the jib poled out to port and the main to starboard making incredible headway but the the large wave pattern would occasionally kick the stern way out to starboard, rounding the boat up. Even hand steering, I couldn't keep the boat on it's feet very well but the speeds we were hitting enticed us to continue on. As the breeze built over 25 knots, the whisker pole couldn't withstand the pressure of the back winded jib in a round up and folded in half. We managed to get the boat and two pole bits under control in time to not damage the sail or anything else. We recovered what was left of it and I will drill the ends out to attach to a new extrusion.

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