Friday, June 17, 2016

Bemuda Race

It's a beautiful day for a race! We presently have 8-12 knots out of the East but that may change to SE by the time we start. Jeroboam is in the third starting group, which is Class 2, with the gun at 3:20 PM today.

Each boat is equipped with a tracker so you can see where we are. Click here, then on the left side of the screen, click on Teams to see all the boats listed alphabetically. If you wanted to only view the double handed boats, click where is says "Click here to Show Class Filter" and uncheck all the classes except Double-Handed.

I'll post updates here occasionally and on Faceworld.

Forecast for the race might be interesting in the Gulf Stream, with an opposing breeze to the current. These conditions tend to build very tall, short period wave patterns that are unfavorable to little boats like Jeroboam. It will certainly be a wet ride and with the breeze out of the northeast, cold too.

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