Friday, June 24, 2016

400nm To Go

Jeroboam is making good time but I'm afraid the breeze is letting up now as I pass through the front line. Boat speed will drop even further as I begin to cross the Gulf Stream in the next several hours. Hopefully the other side of the front will bring the 15-20 knots I had on this side and I'm well positioned for the NE breeze, not to mention ready for some cooler air.

I got the end caps off the broken pole yesterday and took all the measurements I need for a new one. I'm tempted to go with a carbon replacement but I know it will be materially more expensive so I'll probably end up with aluminum again, perhaps one with thicker walls and a higher breaking strength. One of the end caps was pretty banged up from the break but nothing a hammer couldn't bend back into shape.

I woke up last evening to the boat moving rather slowly through the water. When I popped up on deck, there was no spinnaker flying, rather it was dragging through the water by the tack line. I managed to get it back on board and it appeared to be intact though I won't know for sure until I fly it or lay it out on some grass and really go through it. Turns out the swivel shackle at the head which attaches to the sock failed. I located a spare and had it all back together before dawn.

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