Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vineyard Race

Piper and I are doing the Vineyard Race this weekend on his boat, Eagles Dare. They're using Kattack for the race tracker and here's the link if you want to follow along.

Race starts tomorrow just outside Stamford Harbor in Connecticut around noon and we have 14 boats signed up across the IRC and PHRF double handed divisions. The Long Island Sound short handed scene is well attended and very competitive. Many of them come out for the even year Bermuda Race which is double handed to Bermuda but no race back. Unfortunately very few of them come out for the odd year Bermuda 1-2 so it's difficult finding events to compete together.

What makes it even harder for me is that Jeroboam is unwelcome in this race as they too have a rating cap (technically it's only for PHRF but I was told my IRC entry would also be rejected). Once again, the idiotic rating cap is keeping me from competing against the best and it's with gratitude that I accepted Piper's invitation to race on his J111.

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