Thursday, July 9, 2015

Halifax Wrap Up

My apologies for not posting any meaningful updates in-race. Eagles Dare
being a proper race boat, requires more attention than little Jeroboam
to keep her moving at pace. Day two we hit a hole in the Gulf of Maine
that hurt us pretty badly. The boats to the north of us did much better
as they caught the northerly that only trickled down to our position. To
see the course line we should have taken, check Alibi's track. Gary
sailed a brilliant race - hat's off to him. The Canadian Class 40 Dragon
Glass also did very well but it will be interesting to see where they
end up on corrected time.

We had a few minor victories out there like beating the other J111 over
the line which was fully crewed (though they did not carry a Code Zero
so had a slower rating and will likely correct ahead of us) and barely
beating the J122 Resolute which is always very successful in the New
England shorthanded scene. Russ and I had fun; another offshore
adventure full of hard work, patients, determination and even some
laughs along the way. We learned a lot about the J111 in light air,
that's for sure.

The delivery home started out with 20+ knots on the nose which made for
a wet, bumpy ride until about dawn this morning when the wind lighted
and shifted to the NNE, the seas tapped down and the I was able to carry
the spinnaker. Forecast is for very light wind over the next two days so
I'll have to motor most of the way across the Gulf of Maine. I filled a
couple jerry cans in Halifax along with the boat's tank so should have
enough fuel.

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