Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shorthanded Sailor Gathering

We had a fun outing at the Barrleman last night. It started with Ryan Wilson and I just wanting to get together to discuss our upcoming Ida Lewis campaign and ended up being a 15+ person gathering of some of our best sailing buddies and competitors.

To all who couldn't make it you were missed but we're planning another one this fall to send Joe Harris off in style. As most of you know, Joe is attempting a non-stop around the world record attempt, simultaneously fulfilling his life long goal to go all the way around. All of us have at one time or another thought about such an undertaking (and some people I know already have, like this guy and this guy!) so when one of us sets his mind to it, we need to support him every way we can. Through his adventures, we too shall live. Stay tuned for more details.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bermuda 1-2 Seamanship Award

I was notified recently that the Bermuda 1-2 race committee awarded the Seamanship Trophy to me following the rudder failure on Eagles Dare and subsequent 200 mile limp home to Newport.

From the Bermuda 1-2 Newport Awards Party Agenda:


At least two came to mind. We thought about Mike Schum and Mike Stevens on the
return leg with problems tacking and a sea cock leaking water both of which forced them to
retire however while returning to Newport the back stay let go and the mast fell down. No
one hurt but they had to cut the mast and rigging away. They were running low on fuel so
they pulled into Menempsha, Martha’s Vineyard.

However we settled on this one. He started out on the first leg on the start with the
spinnaker flying which was over powering the boat at times with at least one big round up
that we saw from the race committee boat. The result is that he ended up behind in his class.
Worked up to the lead about 200 nm out when the rudder post sheared off at the hull. Their
emergency rudder was a backup rudder hung off the stern on pintles. This emergency rudder
developed a crack near one of the gudgeons so he had to nurse the rudder and didn’t want to
push it. He started to think of other options if needed. For the longest time he could only
head for NJ but as he got closer to land the wind veered and he slowly worked his way right
into Narragansett Bay. He had to hand steer all the way back since there was no autopilot on
the emergency rudder. Anyone who has lost their autopilot will recognize the difficulty of
getting to the end by hand steering. Eagles Dare – Jonathan Green

Monday, July 20, 2015

Photos From Halifax Race Start

Florence took some great shots at the Halifax Race start:

Eagles Dare, flying the A1.5 
Just before the start

Alibi, also in the Double Handed Division


Friday, July 17, 2015

Beringer Bowl

Boston Yacht Club runs this race every July and has a double handed division which is lightly attended. This year, Jeroboam and three other boats entered DH:

Vivace, an Aerodyne 38 that rates 33
Yare, a Taylor 42 that rates 48
Nina, an Alerion 41 that rates 105

Additionally, there are some fully crewed boats entered that I occasionally compete against in the short handed scene:

Catch 22, a Swan 48 that rates 30
Eagles Dare, a J111 that rates 36
Rockit, a Columbia 32 that rates 72

Forecast breeze is out of the south so we'll have it on the nose but at least there will be wind. July and August in Mass Bay and Cape Cod Bay are notoriously dead so this is good news indeed.

Last year, Piper and I raced Jeroboam to a DH division victory and I fulfilled a lifelong dream of starting a race with something smoking away on the grill, but this year the Irish Lass and I will take on the fleet. I've decided to make the starting line grill action a Beringer tradition on Jeroboam so I'll be stopping off at the deli on my way home for some burgers and buns.

Here's a look at the 46nm course that runs first to a buoy near the Graves then down to a turning mark off Wood End at the tip of the cape and finishing just at the entrance to Providencetown Harbor:

The first start is tonight at 7pm. As this is Jeroboam's first race of the season, much prep went into getting her ready over the last week. The bottom was particularly disgusting, requiring a putty knife and four tanks of air to scrape it clean.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Halifax Wrap Up

My apologies for not posting any meaningful updates in-race. Eagles Dare
being a proper race boat, requires more attention than little Jeroboam
to keep her moving at pace. Day two we hit a hole in the Gulf of Maine
that hurt us pretty badly. The boats to the north of us did much better
as they caught the northerly that only trickled down to our position. To
see the course line we should have taken, check Alibi's track. Gary
sailed a brilliant race - hat's off to him. The Canadian Class 40 Dragon
Glass also did very well but it will be interesting to see where they
end up on corrected time.

We had a few minor victories out there like beating the other J111 over
the line which was fully crewed (though they did not carry a Code Zero
so had a slower rating and will likely correct ahead of us) and barely
beating the J122 Resolute which is always very successful in the New
England shorthanded scene. Russ and I had fun; another offshore
adventure full of hard work, patients, determination and even some
laughs along the way. We learned a lot about the J111 in light air,
that's for sure.

The delivery home started out with 20+ knots on the nose which made for
a wet, bumpy ride until about dawn this morning when the wind lighted
and shifted to the NNE, the seas tapped down and the I was able to carry
the spinnaker. Forecast is for very light wind over the next two days so
I'll have to motor most of the way across the Gulf of Maine. I filled a
couple jerry cans in Halifax along with the boat's tank so should have
enough fuel.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh, The Charm of Light Wind

Is that a faint puff upon the sea?
Neigh a mirage has fooled me.
Drifting about the Gulf of Maine
Will we ever see land again?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Racing Season Take Two: Marblehead-Halifax

Eagles Dare has a new rudder so we’re off to the races again, this time to Halifax. I’ve done it three times, twice fully crewed on other people’s boats and once double handed on Jeroboam so this is my second DH entry. Mike can’t make this race so we recruited light air sailor extraordinaire, Russ Hancock to co-skipper. Many of you will recall Russ’ significant role in Jeroboam’s DH division win in the Bermuda Race last summer and we’re gunning for another one starting this Sunday, July 5th around 1 PM.

All boats in the fleet are equipped with trackers so you can follow along at the YellowBrick site. Eagles Dare is in the PHRF division.

As usual, I’ll post updates here and on Facebook during the 360 mile, ~3 day race and on the delivery back to Marblehead which I'll do solo.