Friday, June 5, 2015

On our way

Eagles Dare had a fine start, though I was a little behind the group.
The only class one boat to carry a code zero across the starting line, I
soon caught up and overtook the others. This was only the second time
I've flown that sail so I still have lots to learn, particularly an
efficient takedown. Outside the bay, as the wind headed me, I needed to
do just that. It's on a furler but it still took me 20 minutes to get it
in, while the others in my class pointed up and headed for Bermuda.
Behind again, I started clawing my way back and I've made some good
ground on the group though we're all still very close together.

It's been overcast since we got out of the bay, occasionally spitting a
little rain, and as the sun goes down, the temperature is descending
quickly, as is the fog. Samba was to my starboard a half hour or so ago
but has since been enveloped, as has Flying Turtle who was hot on my heels.

All is well on board though I lost my right shoe overboard. I simply
didn't have it laced up tight and it flipped off into the sea. Oh well,
I still have my boots.

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