Friday, May 8, 2015

Bermuda 1-2 Prep

Preparation for Bermuda 1-2 is progressing very well with the work list gradually dwindling. Accomplishments include:
Radar Reflector
  1. Replaced stern wire lifelines with dyneema
  2. Resolved gear shift issue for battery charging
  3. Stern knife replacement
  4. Soft shackles for jib sheets
  5. Soft rail for barberhaul/reaching and adjustable "car"
  6. Reworked main reef lines
  7. Reworked headsail in/out haul
  8. Rigged jacklines
  9. Improved NMEA data interface between autopilot and other boat systems
  10. Instrument calibrations
  11. Improved VHF DSC interface
  12. Full electronics checkout
  13. Tested bilge pumps
  14. Thru hull valves checked
  15. Nav light test
  16. Replaced inflatable PFD
  17. Added more smoke signals and emergency food rations to ditch bag
  18. Mounted and tested radar reflector
  19. Jib halyard replacement
  20. Paper chart kit checked
  21. Updated safety equipment location chart
  22. Comms test
  23. Applied race numbers to hull & deck
  24. All race provisions, mainly freeze dried food, acquired and organized by leg
  25. All Bermuda 1-2 safety requirements checked and dealt with
Additionally, we've had some good training days on the water but haven't been able to test the new code zero yet. Still tons to do and only 28 days until the race start. Charge!

New jib halyard next to an older one