Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Boat Designs for Vendee Globe 2016

Most of the new boats in the coming Vendee Globe plan to use foils to partially lift the hull out of the water, reducing wetted surface and friction, allowing the boat to sail faster. Here's a brief video of the Banque Populaire VIII program. Pay particular attention to the test mini near the beginning. The boat looks like it's about to head into the stratosphere.

Présentation du nouveau monocoque Banque... by VendeeGlobeTV

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  1. That is so great. I have just started to get into boats. No one in my family was ever interested in mechanical things and in the past few years I have just so wanted to understand boats. I am actually going back to vocational school in August to learn how to make boats. I am just starting at the beginning.

    Steve Burgess @ Atlanta Yacht Sales