Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Qualifier: Done

The qualifier went well, though it was rough out there. A couple minor malfunctions on board, including loosing my grip going down the companionway and falling backward on my head but none the worse for wear. I was planning to just sail down to the E-W shipping lanes south of Block Island and come back but Eagles Dare is such a fast boat that I had to put some more miles down in order to meet the minimum 24 hour duration requirement. Here's the route I took:

I only flew the heavy weather jib and had either one or two reefs in the main so wasn't pushing the boat at all but it was still flying along. I actually tried to slow the boat down a little at one point by dropping the jib and sailing under a double reefed main only but the boat was still doing 7+ knots! Here's my log book:

It was great to get the qualifier done before the end of this season so I can focus on boat prep this winter and training in the spring as soon as we can get it back in the water.

Here's a photo of Eagles Dare on the starting line of the Newport-Bermuda race this past summer with Mike and Rob getting ready for the double handed division start.

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