Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Finish and Beyond...

Jeroboam sailed across the finish line at 1330 EDT yesterday, her crew
soaking wet from a heavy rain shower that hit us with the line in sight. It
was a cleansing of five days of blood, sweat and tears we poured into the
race. Well, to be honest, since Jeroboam is a cruising boat, the shower was
functioning and used in route. If you have a watermaker, why not, right?!

Russ did a fantastic job keeping the boat moving in all conditions and was a
great collaborator on weather analysis and strategy development. It was a
brilliant team effort that I think will show well in the standings. Our back
of the envelope calculations indicate good results for Jeroboam.

I'd intended to clear into Bermuda in St. George, drop off Russ and
immediate head back to Marblehead but I was forced to go all the way to
Hamilton, adding half a day to my transit (no, they wouldn't even let me
land in St George and cab it to Hamilton). When pressed on the idiocy of
this requirement, the race committee blamed immigration and vice versa so
I'll leave it to you to decide who came up with that one.

After dealing with all the post race paperwork, I got underway for the solo
delivery back to Marblehead and am presently 80nm north of Bermuda. I was
hoping to be back at work on Monday but the post-race Hamilton idiocy didn't
help. It'll have to be a fast transit and the forecast doesn't look wildly
accommodating but we'll see.

A couple people have asked me why I'm not sticking around for the
festivities in Bermuda and the answer is simple: spending a month's wages on
dock space at RBYC and burning through my scarce allotment of vacation days
isn't worth it for this race. Besides, those that know me understand that
when it comes to sailing, I'm here to finish, and if sailed well, win. The
parties aren't even a small component of any reasons I have to enter.

I want to thank Russ for being a fantastic co-skipper, Tom for all his help
and mentoring and Kirsten for putting up with six months of insane prep and
training for this race.

So what's next? My friend Rich Wilson is preparing for a solo training
voyage so I'll be helping him get ready for that and will assist with some
of the shoreside components. He has some really interesting stuff planned
which I'll be sure to write about here with links.

If anyone hears news of the Bermuda race results, please pass them along.

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