Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving Well

We're happy with the progress so far. We ended up a little too far west to
enjoy the favorable current from the large cold water eddy near us so we had
to harden up a touch to get over there. The boats to the east faired
slightly better and posted some gain on us but we're where we want to be,
cracked off and doing 8+ knots.

The fleet is tightly bunched so we see lots of other boats around us with
Choucas, Arrowhead and Ruse periodically showing up on AIS, and in
Arrowhead's case, visibly. They all owe us time so it's nice seeing them in
the neighborhood.

Lora Anne and Kiva continue to dominate our class while the Class 40s and
Resolute are showing very well in the other double handed class. Scott and
Gust are keeping a hell of a pace on Resolute. One of the bigger surprises
is that Paladin is not at the front of our class. They favored the left side
of the course and I think generally the boats that went over there didn't do
as well as those on the right those first 30 hours or so.

We're expecting the breeze to gradually tone down over the next 24 hours
then hit some more light stuff. Perhaps it'll slow down the class leaders
enough to give us a chance to catch up a bit.

All is well on board. The weather files are taking longer to download than
anticipated so we're burning through more satellite time than we budgeted
which means fewer updates in route. We'll try to use the SPOT tracker more
for brief updates here and there.

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