Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Russ!

Today is Russ' birthday. He celebrated with some Chili Mac w/ Beef freeze
dried then went about the business of racing. I should have brought some of
that space ice cream the Crowell brothers always rave about but Russ seemed
happy with the chili mac so all is well.

The start was better than expected wind wise. We beat out into RI Sound with
the sea breeze that gradually went light and swung 270 degrees slowly
through the evening. By dawn we were in a decent southeasterly which has
held nicely all morning and into the afternoon. It's starting to head us a
little, and lighten up so we'll see what comes next. The water temp rose
rapidly even before we got to the shelf with that warm water eddy
circulating so far north of the main body of the gulf stream.

All systems are working well on Jeroboam. We made 20 liters of water
yesterday to convince ourselves the watermaker is in good working order
prior to getting too far off shore. It worked fine on the delivery to
Newport but it's such a critical part of our existence out here; amble
reason for caution. Wind turbine and solar panel are pumping out the juice.
The AIS had a little bit of a headache at the start. I think it might have
been overloaded trying to process the 200+ targets swarming around the
starting line. Once we got out of the bay, it perked up.

We've raced with every sail combination Jeroboam has and we've only been out
here for 24 hours. Lots of good team work and no issues on the sail changes.
We both got some good sleep through the night and I think we're into the
groove with our 2 hour watch schedule.

I assume we're in last place on elapsed time as we're one of the slowest
boats in the fleet, but this is nothing new to Jeroboam. It's always a race
against ourselves on these handicap races.

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