Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Dying Breeze

The light air finish is sure to test our patients. The GRIB files have been
limited in their accuracy, perhaps only 50% of the time have their
predictions come to fruition. The latest report is showing a big header into
Bermuda so we thought about pointing up a bit in preparation but in
sacrifice of speed.

As the wind speed drops, we're having to work the boat hard through each
shift, trying to keep pace with Lora Ann, Choucas and Arrowhead, the lead
boats in our class. Paladin swooped in last night and is driving hard toward
the leaders as well. We're doing everything we can to stay in the game but
it's frustrating in a dying breeze.

Up at the front of the DH pack, Alibi and Resolute have done a brilliant job
keeping up with the Class 40s. Alibi has the rating advantage so if Resolute
doesn't make some moves soon, they're going to end up second fiddle on

We had some issues with the two part staysail halyard so I had to go up the
mast yesterday which was very unpleasant in that sea state; a little banged
up but none the worse for wear.

We're still hoping to finish tomorrow but all depends on this breeze. Just
as I typed this out, we lost another half knot of wind speed. Hang in there!

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