Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Work List

I'm slowly ticking through Jeroboam's spring work list. The bottom was a big one, very glad that's out of the way and I managed to finally resolve the radar issues I was having in Plymouth last year (and which have been following me around since then). Here's what's on the docket for the next 45 days leading up to the Bermuda Race:
  1. Masthead tri/anchor switch replacement, test
  2. Rudder Reference Sensor Switches replaced
  3. Engine kill cable replacement
  4. House battery test, possible replacement
  5. Annanometer calibration and testing - this thing needs help
  6. Speedo is out of commission, and it isn't fouled, possible replacement if I can even find a spare part
  7. Primary & Backup Autopilot calibration and testing
  8. AIS Firmware Upgrade
  9. VHF/AIS antenna testing
  10. Laptop testing, sat & cell data connections, software updates
  11. Commission water maker, replace pre-filter and membrane
  12. Review spares inventory, replace/replenish/discard
  13. Replace cockpit jackline
  14. Gel coat repairs
  15. Replace aft boom main sheet/preventer
  16. Up the mast for a full standing/running rigging check
  17. Engine maintenance
  18. Mooring ball maintenance
  19. Dinghy maintenance
And of course I'll be adding to the list frequently...

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