Saturday, August 10, 2013

Check-in/OK message from SPOT Jeroboam

GPS location Date/Time:08/10/2013 15:42:12 EDT

Message:Autopilot fixed again. Thx Kim! Salem bound

Click the link below to see where I am located.

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Ready for Adventure

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NE Harbor Race

On the road again, hurling along the traffic filled lanes of Rt 95 on a Concord Coach bus toward Rockland, ME where Jeroboam has swung on a town mooring since my last race, the Gulf of Maine Solo/Twin. Arrival time is 9:30 tonight which presents another challenge: the launch stops running at 7. It's either swim or "borrow" a dingy. 

I'll get a pre-dawn start tomorrow for Portland, hopefully arriving in time for the Northeast Harbor Race skippers meeting at Centerboard Yacht Club, and an opportunity to visit with some good friends who will turn into fierce competitors on the starting line Friday at 1 PM.

I've yet to do this race. Two years ago, hurricane Irene affected a cancellation but not before I'd sailed up to Portland for the start. Last year the new mast was in but the new main wasn't ready. This looks like it's the year.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Great American IV

I had the privilege of sailing with Rich Wilson last weekend on his newly acquired IMOCA Open 60 named Great American IV. Rich competed in and finished the Vendée Globe in the 2008-2009 edition which is an around the world, non-stop, single handed race (read about it here). He was only the third American to enter and the second to finish. This is easily the most challenging sailboat race on the planet and arguably the most difficult sporting event of all time.

He's gearing up for another go in the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe and is way ahead of the curve by already having the boat in hand. This was my first sail on an Open 60 and the experience instilled in me an even greater respect for the skippers who sail these around the world. It was a lot of boat for the two of us just zipping up to Portland from Marblehead; solo around the world must take an enormous amount determination.