Monday, June 10, 2013

The Passing Storm

That was some fun downwind action. I have to make sure I enjoy those moments as they're so uncommon for this uphill passage. The frustrating part was that the boat was smoking along but I was in a 1.5 knot counter current for the entire night so my speed really suffered. I was hoping that current would be south of me but no such luck. I'm back into the cold Labrador waters now but only for a day or two. When I hit the Grand Banks, it will be a little milder.

In the meantime, my hands go numb after about 15 minutes on deck and it takes a while to get them thaw as it's not much warmer below. The cold water and freezing cold NE wind combine to make winter like conditions. I got a little sleep last night but it was too rough for anything substantial, especially as the wind started shifting to the NE generating a couple different wave patterns crossing my path and mixing up a confused sea.

Looks like Pathways to Children and Spirit had great runs through that low - well done guys. They killed it yesterday and last night and are already over the Bank. They put about 45 more miles between me and them. Ouch. I'm going to fade to the SW over the next 24 hours then tack when the wind shifts and ride that breeze back up toward Newfoundland. I think I'm in a slightly better position than those guys as they only have so much room to their north to play that shift, forcing them early to a starboard tack which will be a lot less efficient in making forward progress. Maybe I can regain some of that mileage by Wednesday.

sec Hayai wasn't showing up on my position reports for a couple days so I have no idea where he is. Today's 0800 UTC report showed him in Liberia, Africa so I suppose his tracker is off kilter. I assume he's right with PtoC and Spirit.

I was very sorry to hear the news that Tamarind suffered an autopilot failure and is hand steering to St Johns - that's about 450 miles from his current position. Hopefully he'll have some decent weather getting over there and can make repairs and get back on the race course quickly.

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