Sunday, June 16, 2013

Slogging Up

Ah, the old familiar sounds of beating up wind have returned; the creeks and groans from the boat, the strain of the autopilot to keep a course, the pounding of the bow into waves, the flogging of sails as they're reefed and unreefed, then reefed again, then unreefed, then reefed. Lots of intensity shifts last night and today have kept me hopping trying to keep the boat moving at max speed. There will be plenty more of that over the next couple days as the forecast has the wind strength constantly shifting along my route.

The 2000 UTC position report shows Pathways doing 7.5 knots! He's over George's Bank so I hope some of that is current. It's been fun trying to keep up with those guys but I'm definitely out classed. The best I could do this afternoon was about 6 knots but I just found a little current myself so I'm getting another two or three tenths out of it. Who knows how long it will last.

Speaking of George's Banks, I have all the tidal current charts out and am trying to see how my approach and timing will be impacted. There's not a lot I can do up there except perhaps delay a tack by a couple hours to ride/avoid some current as I'm more restricted by winds shifts.

I've been good about rationing my fresh fruit. I just ate my last orange and still have some apples kicking around. Amazing they lasted so long without refrigeration. On second thought, they had plenty of refrigeration.

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