Monday, June 17, 2013

Richard: Put Down the Wheaties

Intense sailing last night with unending reefing and unreefing. It's been a major chore getting this boat to move efficiently in the variable speed breeze and my shoulders are killing me from all the grinding. But whatever I was doing wasn't enough to even come close to matching Pathway's progress across George's Bank last night - Richard put down some serious miles so hat's off to him.

I just reached the outskirts of the bank a little before 1700 UTC and picked up a knot of favorable current but that will turn foul as it draws me up into the Gulf of Maine through the next tide swing. The breeze has been a 20-30 degree lift from the forecast for the last couple hours so I'm expecting to get headed again at some point. Anyway you slice it, my tacking angles are not going to be pretty this evening but should improve in the wee hours when the tidal currents start swinging my way again.

I've been racing for 21 days now but it seems a lot longer. Part of me doesn't want it to end but most of me is ready for the luxuries of shore. The freeze dried is getting particularly old.

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  1. Race your best to the end, Jon! Praying you'll have renewed energy and unexpected currents and winds. You're doing great! Seona