Sunday, June 2, 2013

In It

Wind and waves have been slowing building all day. In the mid to upper 20s now with gusts over 30 and the seas are well on their way to what's sure to be a bumpy ride this evening. I've already got two reefs in the main and most of the jib rolled up along with the storm staysail flying. Eventually I'll loose the jib altogether.

The boats to the north are doing very well, as expected. They got the breeze first so Pathways to Children and Spirit continue to ramble along up there and are tracking a little further north than Jeroboam, I assume to take the waves abaft the beam and keep their speed up. Not to mention that being a little further north at the end of this blow isn't such a bad position as there's a NW breeze in the forecast on Tuesday that will allow us to tack and reach back down toward the rhumbline. As the wind and waves increase toward night fall, I'll bear away a little too, perhaps as much as 10-20 degrees to keep the speed up and be a little kinder on the equipment.

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