Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update from the Channel Entrance

That was a rough start; couple minor issues on Jeroboam but was able to hold together. Some of the boats that turned around last night were going back to round a mark of the course they forgot about (Eddystone Light), most notably the very sleek open 50, Vento Di Sardegna. That said, I believe Anarchy and Lexia have retired or perhaps are trying some quick repairs with the intent of restarting, if that's possible. I'm not sure about the status of Cabrio 2 and Harmonii. I believe they turned back at some point but the latest position report leaves me wondering if their trackers are not functioning.

Clearly Pathways to Children and Spirit have a bone in their teeth so far this race but Vento and sec Hayai are in the hunt. In Jester Class, Tamarind is hot on my heals which does not bode well as I owe him time. I'm not sure what's up with British Beagle and Sunrise. I was right with them leaving Plymouth but when I tacked away to beat up to Eddystone Light, they didn't follow so I'm not sure if they rounded; didn't look like it on AIS.

We're going to get beat up again tonight, though hopefully not as bad as yesterday. Gribs are showing 25-30 knots and shifting to the NW then N by mid-day tomorrow so it won't all be on the nose. I image the waves will kick up higher than yesterday now that we're clear of land which is always a challenge on Jeroboam.

Tons of ships around so the naps are short and infrequent. We'll bump into the fishing boats over the next day and a half so there's lots to watch out for but should be in deep water by Thursday where I can catch up on some sleep.

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