Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Main Event

Well sports fans, the time has come to cease and desist boat prep work and get serious about racing. It's been a busy week on Jeroboam. My buddy Nate arrived on Wednesday night with some much needed boat parts. The wind turbine and the dodger went together brilliantly but we struck out on the radar. I think it's just a wiring problem but we weren't able to sort it out in time so I'll have to do without. Other than that, Jeroboam is in tip top condition and ready to rumble.

The weather outlook is challenging. We start with the wind on the nose so it'll be a beat to get out of the harbor and clear of land. Once in the Celtic Sea, the weather pattern will be dominated by a large low moving toward the north of Ireland, then by Sunday we'll bump up against another low. All three of these challenges will present 30+ knot sustained wind in our face with higher gusts if the forecasts hold. I'm not all that excited about the weather routing suggestions from Expedition which show a flyer to the far north with an attempt to get on the good side of Sunday's low. It's way too early to even consider a gamble like that as the position of the low's center is sure to change between now and then, perhaps dramatically so.

It's been great to get to know the other competitors a bit, although I wish I had more time to do so with less weight on my shoulders with the pending start. It will be great to see everyone on Newport when the race is over and we can all relax a little.

I will make an attempt to post updates daily but in the worst of the weather, updates are one of the first things I begin to neglect. I only have a low bandwidth connection so updates will be text only but I'll post photos and video upon my arrival in Newport. The race tracker is here and the OSTAR website will post lots of news along the way from all boats here. My shore support team will be passing along your questions and comments so fire away and I'll do my best to respond.

Here's the scratch sheet with the class breakdowns:

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