Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plymouth Pre-Race Punch List

I had another great day on the water today. Although colder than yesterday, it was just as sunny and pleasant sailing. There are tons of fishing boats around so I didn't get much sleep last night with all the traffic but got in a couple quick naps late this morning. There was this one strange encounter shortly after twilight last night where I came upon six boats within a several mile radius and none of them had AIS but I could tell a number of them were using radar because the RTE was activating frequently. It was strange because every other boat I encountered last night and today had AIS, which has been very convenient for tracking and avoiding them.

After having taken a brief break from toiling on the boat yesterday, I compiled a Plymouth Pre-Race Punch list this morning so as not to loose sight of my duties and responsibilities of getting to the starting line. It's a pretty long list, and this is just my first stab at it so there's sure to be more added, but the really good news is that I have three weeks to get it all done which is a reasonable amount of time to do so.

Several items many look familiar from the Horta list and weren't completed there mainly due to the unavailability of parts on the island. We could have had them shipped in but that would have taken another week or more and I was eager to continue along. The repairs are just as easily accomplished in Plymouth so no big deal.

Plymouth Pre-Race Punch List

-Inspect all running rigging, replace as appropriate, vang control and jib furl lines in particular look beat up
-Strike delivery sails & put up racing sails
-Repair hole in delivery main, inspect jib for issues
-Do something about the creases in the genoa staysail, that thing's been a bag too long
-Small length of batten for backstay adjuster gauge
-Take a close look at the gooseneck, perhaps replace pin
-Need to reduce water ingress at the hatch slider, pull up solar panel and take a close look at the forward section of the slider,
too much water getting into the cabin when a wave sweeps bow to stern
-Snug up nuts on new slider bolts and figure out how to reduce slider motion in rocky seaway
-Repair dodger, install new deck fittings and rework mount
-Install radar mount and radome, wire, test
-Rework the wiring for the SeaTalk network, particular attention is required at cockpit navpod and nav station
-Rig downhaul line for genoa staysail and test
-Review ISAF Cat 1 regs and race regs and confirm compliance, lifelines need tension, hatchboard set up ok?
-Full rig inspection, close look at spreader repaired in Horta
-Fine tune rig, tension stb side?
-Apply hull race numbers
-Need better method to secure anchor locker lid
-Inquire about piggybacking on someone's shipping container for getting excess gear back to Newport
-Rework spin tack line lead
-Acquire replacement whisker pole, work out deck storage when not in use and required running rigging, test w/ race jib, practice
-Fix jib furl line lead
-Disassemble furler and stay, full inspection, need a little more tension on forestay
-Send inquiry to Spot re: insane battery usage
-Review battery inventory, supplement as needed
-Full engine maintenance cycle
-Install turbine stator and circuit board, reassemble, mount and test
-Train with the racing sails, refine polars
-Recalibrate autopilot compass
-Edit/upload video from leg 2
-Clean up the boat
-Sort out provisions for the race, need more diversity in the offering
-More/better retention bungee for galley compartments
-From chandlery: larger sized split rings, new main tack shackle, 2 winch handles
-From grocery store: fresh fruit, clear plastic garbage bags, WD-40, spare pot for boiling water (handle of one on board looks like
it's about to go), hand towels (4)
-Dive on bottom & scrub just prior to race start
-Top off fuel tank just prior to race start

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