Saturday, May 4, 2013


I reached the continental shelf shortly after noon today (UTC) and immediately picking up 8 fishing vessels on AIS. Those are the easy ones to avoid. It's the ones without AIS that require more vigilance. One of them had some floating nets out marked with big yellow buoys that I sailed a little too close to so I need to keep my eyes open for all sorts of action in here.

The breeze continues to lighten up and boat speed continues to drop so it's a little unknown when I might make landfall, perhaps Monday or more likely Tuesday. I still have plenty of fuel, about 26 gallons, so if the wind goes too light, I'll make some tracks under power.

It's been such a delightful day on the water: sunshine, pleasant breeze, manageable sea state; all the ingredients to remind me what I love about this sport. I confess I took a little break from working on boat projects today and am spending a lot of time enjoying a nice leisurely sail. Perhaps the trim isn't just right or the angles are a little off, no matter. I'm sailing in the sun and loving every minute.

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