Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a great day

The wind lightened up a lot today as I approach the center of the high pressure system I'm trying to get north of. It's due to cross my proposed track tomorrow afternoon so I'm in for some light air until about Thursday morning. With the sea state settled down, it gave me an opportunity to focus on some boat projects such as fine tuning the rig, troubleshooting the engine and finding the loose connection in my SeaTalk network that keeps knocking the wind data off and taking the autopilot (on wind vane mode) with it. Busy day and good news on all fronts; making progress.

This was a beautiful day on the water for sailing. I've been double headsail close reaching for about 24 hours and it's been relatively dry on deck. I even went up without my foul weather gear on to enjoy the several but brief moments of sunshine. I almost forgot what it was like to sail in these conditions after a winter of training in New England where the wind was rarely below 20 knots then leg one to Horta where the wind was never below 20 and often very much higher. Jeroboam performs brilliantly in the upper teens at just about any angle. I've developed a terrific set of polars this month for my delivery sails; too bad it's useless data.  As soon as I get to Plymouth, the racing sails are going on and the boat is going to get sharply tuned up. If I can this kind of performance out of 15 year old delivery sails, imagine what the boat can do with some proper racing sails!

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