Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weather Delay

I'm planning a minor weather delay in my departure from Horta as there's some heavy wind in the vicinity until approximately Sunday afternoon. The forecast is showing 30-35 knots of sustained breeze in and around the Azores which means I could expect gusts well into the 40s. Here's a look at the grib for Friday night.

By dawn Sunday, most of this ridge will move south and west:

I'll play it by ear and leave when the wind begins to calm down so perhaps sometime Sunday or Monday morning at the latest. Here's a look at my weather routing assuming a Sunday AM departure:

My objective is not to break anything on this next leg. If on arrival in Plymouth, Jeroboam in any way resembles its Horta arrival, the game is up so I'll be playing this next leg extremely conservatively. And it's not like I'm lacking any boat projects in the meantime; there's plenty to do until Sunday or Monday.

It's been very windy and rainy here with a new storm cell passing over head about every 1-2 hours. I've been dashing out on deck between the rain drops to finish the primary autopilot wiring that needed to be redone. I've got it perfect now, even better than before, so all's well there.

There are still a couple quarks with the backup autopilot that I'm working through with my marine electronics expert, Kim Baker of Winsor Consulting in Maine. Kim has materially supported me for many years on a bunch of different boats, Saskianna & Seabiscuit to name a few, so rest assured, I'm in good hands.

Here on the island, I would like to acknowledge Duncan Sweet and his crew at Mid-Atlantic Yacht Services. They have provided invaluable service and support on so many different levels as I grind through the many boat projects and repairs.

And of course a big thanks to my shore support team, Gina and Tom, for all the hard work they are continuing to do for me state side.

The internet connectivity here on the island has reached a new low, if that was even possible, but there's still one bar at which I can get online. The cigarette smoke is overwhelming so I can only handle a very brief stint at a time but I should be able to post a couple more updates before I depart.

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  1. Back on the sea tomorrow or Monday-- Wooohooo!!

    I'm thinking Freeze Dry might be better than English fare-You can do the taste test soon and report back. Looking forward to watching you sail through an easier round two.

    Bon Voyage Jeroboam! --Shore Support