Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Pole is Committed to the Deep

I had a tough night last night. First of all I felt awful, due mainly to this head cold which is the source of the headache and it's affecting my appetite. Because I'm eating less, my energy level is down and I'm feeling pretty tired.

The front moved through earlier than anticipated last night which caught me a little off guard; I had too much sail out. The boat rolled sharply to starboard and when the pole hit the water, the downhaul parted and the pole snapped against the D1 forward shroud. It was pretty messy but I managed to cut the pole away before the sharp edge destroyed sail or punched a hole in the deck as it was flailing around pretty violently. After that the jib got messed up on the furler and it took me a while to sort it out. There were other issues as well but those were the big ones.

At this point I dramatically reduced sail and was in better shape for the rest of the evening, though didn't make tons of headway. Same game plan for tonight as there's some 30 knot wind barbs in the forecast for this vicinity. I'm sailing a bit south this afternoon to try to get below the worst of it. It really stinks not having a pole as the boat won't go dead downwind very well without one.

I'm trying to get my energy level up by forcing down some food and I think it's helping a little but I need to eat a whole lot more to keep up with the calories I'm burning.

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