Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jeroboam Damage Report

I've been working hard in Horta to get the boat back together and thought I'd post a summary of the repairs in process.

1. Damaged Spreader: busted end cap replaced, bent spreader straighted, re-assembled and and installed, V1 & D2 shrouds attached, rig tuned.

2. Masthead annanometer sensor replaced, tested and recalibrated

3. Masthead Windex replaced

4. Secure all cockpit vents, 8 total, gratings removed and replaced with solid starboard

5. Remove primary autopilot ram, cleaned, lubed, bench tested & prepped as backup for remainder of journey. Install new, replacement autopilot ram

6. Rudder Bushings; Remove autopilot tiller arm and quadrant, haul boat out of the water, drop rudder, muscle the old bushings loose, hope to God the replacements fit and I don't need to have custom ones fabricated. Put it all back together and drop the boat back in the water

7. Replace wiring for primary autopilot control head that shorted out during inversion.

8. Replace fluxgate compass for primary autopilot, calibrate & test.

9. Replace compass LEDs, both had burned out

10. Replace deck light washed away by last knockdown

11. Replace radar dome, wire, calibrate & test

12. Replace damaged hatch slider boards and try to rework the dodger back into place

13. Troubleshoot backup autopilot issues and solve

14. Replace wind turbine stator and control board

15. Figure out a way to make the cockpit locker lids more water tight; they're letting in way too much water on the knockdowns.

16. Full engine check, looks like a light wind/no wind journey to Plymouth so engine will be getting lots of use

17. Replace circuit breakers damaged by salt water

18. Replace Raymarine Seatalk/NMEA box damaged by saltwater and rework the seatalk wiring

19. Acquire a bunch of jerry cans for extra fuel for next leg

20. Redo the wiring for the autopilot remote control that was damaged

21. Clean up the interior of the boat. Saltwater got everywhere in the boat.

22. Laundry, grocery store and bunch of little stuff I need or am running low on

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