Saturday, April 27, 2013

Final Departure Prep

Things are looking good for a Horta departure tomorrow. Lots of little details wrapped up today and the latest weather report is showing the wind dropping to 20 knots by sundown tomorrow. I'm all cleared out of customs and ready to hit the road. I just need to do some instrument calibrations in the harbor before heading out.

Once again, thank you to all for your support and encouragement during this difficult phase of the journey. With luck, that first leg will have been the hardest and I can avoid banging up Jeroboam too badly over the next couple months.

One of the customs in Horta is for boats to scribe their names in the cement walls lining the harbor. Jeroboam's name was not added for a number of reasons such as the constant rain showers and my focus on more important matters of boat repair but I did spot one that was of interest to me:

Elmarleen is a Sigma 33 owned by Will Sayer who competed in the last running of OSTAR in 2009. I've never met him but hear a lot about him and followed his progress during that race. When I watched the film "Out There" about the 2009 OSTAR, he was an interesting character study in that the footage of him before the race showed someone who looked a little apprehensive about making a solo Atlantic crossing then the post race footage showed someone rather at ease and triumphant having not only won his class but corrected to first place over all on IRC corrected time - huge win. Anyway, I got a kick out of seeing his boat name on the harbor wall. The mildew is encroaching on the upper right portion but I believe it says OSTAR 09 above the turtle's head.

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