Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fair thee well, dodger

Everything was going along fine until I decided to gybe. It was about 2 AM when I first thought I'd have a better angle on the other side but held off for a couple hours to be sure. By 4 I was sure. It was blowing >30 so a violent gybe was in the cards if I wasn't careful. Running back off, check; preventer off, check; trav centered, check; new gybe angle worked out, check; main sheet at the
ready, check; autopilot able to hold a course on the other gybe, fail. I didn't notice until the second attempt that the compass readout on the autopilot wasn't even close to reality on the other gybe. Very strange. It was just fine on the original gybe. A reboot fixed it but not before two accidental gybes took out my dodger. I assume the main sheet must of caught it but I didn't have my eyes on it when it happened. I was trying to figure out why the auto said 300 and the compass read 090. Anyway, Jeroboam's down a dodger but this time I was able to save the pieces. I don't yet have a plan worked out for repair but a couple scenarios I've briefly considered involve parts not on board so I'm not sure if it'll be functional for the balance of this leg. Too bad. I was starting to enjoy it.

The wave height is up considerably after a couple days of solid blow. Little Jeroboam gets tossed around on a big wave occasionally which is annoying but there's not a lot I can do about it besides get a rudder with a larger aspect ratio. If I try to sail a little deeper, I'm concerned about more accidental gybes so I'm just living with it for now. I definitely don't have too much sail up as I'm only flying the main and reefed at that. Forecast shows a slight ease tonight but not much so I'll probably fly this set up until tomorrow then gybe SE again in preparation for the big one later this week. I'm not looking forward to that one.

My appetite is back and I've consumed about 6000 calories in the last 12 hours or so which makes up for the deficit. The head cold is subsiding though there's a scratchiness to my throat that makes me wonder if act two is in the wings.

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