Monday, April 1, 2013

East vs. South

Heading east is way different psychologically than heading south where you pay your dues going through the gulfstream and are rewarded with islands of white sand beaches and rum drinks after a brief stop at Bermuda, the gas station on the way to the Caribbean. To the east, there's nothing, not for a long, long time. I passed a fishing trawler at Nantucket Shoals heading the other way but that's about all I've seen so far. Plus a song bird who stopped on the leeward rail for a rest before pressing on to the

Wind and sun are producing a ton of power today so I made a bunch of extra water. In an hour or so I will come up on the traffic separation zone for the intersection between the northern MA & GOM ships and the eastern NYC ships. Forecast looks like a shift to the NW so I'll throw a gybe at some point, probably after dark.

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  1. Hey Jon- Great that you're making distance! We locator junkies hope you'll click your spot locator with each watch change ;) then we can see your progress and where you are in relation to the weather. For others following who might have interest: is a great weather grib site.