Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bring It

Today was the warm up to the main attraction starting tomorrow afternoon. I had three two hour periods of sustained 40 knot winds with gusts over 50. The rest of the day was in the 30s. Thankfully the sea state has been manageable so the autopilot has been able to hold a course fairly well. As you saw from my position report this morning, I took a dip to the south to try to avoid the worst of the 50 knot wind barbs that the grib file is displaying for tomorrow afternoon and evening. When I download a fresh weather file tonight, we'll see if it's done any good. Anyway I slice it, I'm in for some brutal weather between now and Sunday.

I was doing my afternoon deck inspection and noticed the port D1 aft shroud had loosened up considerably so I spent some time securing that and giving the rest of the shrouds a careful inspection, though did not go up the mast.

The forecast is showing a slight lightening of the breeze tonight, perhaps down to the 20s so I'm hopeful to get some good sleep in but we shall see; it's pretty bumpy. All hell is forecasted to let loose by 8 EDT Saturday morning.

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