Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another good run

The miles are ticking by; boy is there wind out here. Since I left Newport 8 days ago, there's only been about 6 hours or so when the wind has dropped below 20 knots even though the forecast has promised it on several occasions. Wind is great for making the boat go fast but the challenge is that it also whips up the sea state making for a very bumpy ride which of course affects eating, sleeping and everything else on board.

The extended forecast has a rollercoaster in store for me including some calms and a few bouts of very strong wind. It's still a little early to see how the balance of the week will play out but suffice to say, it won't be boring.

The sun is rising a little earlier each morning and setting a little later each afternoon as I travel east. No such thing as boat-lag. I'm going too slow for that but speed is relative and this morning was an epic run with sustained speed over ground in at 8+ knots and that's in a neutral current. Wind is down a little this afternoon so boat speed is off but that's ok.

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