Thursday, April 4, 2013

A brief respite

The 30-40 knots gusts have eased back a bit and I'm in the gulf stream now so spirits are up on board Jeroboam. The stream is adding about 2.5 knots of speed and I'm cruising along with just a reefed jib at this point and making around 8.5 knots over the ground - fine work for Jeroboam.

Tomorrow night I'm going to get crushed by a deep depression that looks like it will pass north of me but leave a trail of 40-50 knot wind (with higher gusts) over my little patch of the Atlantic. Forecast is predicting about a 12 hour period of this unpleasantness so I'm hoping that holds. 12 hours I can handle. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the relatively mild conditions for the next 24 hours, make sure I get plenty of food and rest and prepare as much as possible for the onslaught of weather.

The crew got a shave this morning which always makes one feel a little more human with at least the appearance of hygiene.

The watermaker, solar panel (though it's been cloudy a fair bit) and the wind turbine have all been performing beautifly. The autopilot was acting up again this morning with it's heading shinanigins so I need to be careful there.

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  1. Jonathan: How about adding a Monitor or Aries wind vane in France? Tom