Thursday, March 7, 2013

Terrific article on OSTAR

Authored by Jerry Freeman, long time supporter of and participant in many shorthanded races in Europe including the last running of OSTAR in 2009 as well as the 1984 and 1992 editions. Great read from a guy who really knows his stuff:

Racing solo across the Atlantic

This is the time of year when sailors glance casually at a chart of the North Atlantic to check if it really is only 2810 nautical miles from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island. The motivation for this long term passage planning is the 14th edition of the Original Single-handed Trans-Atlantic Race – OSTAR – which starts on May 27th, Bank Holiday Monday, under the green and pleasant hills of Plymouth Hoe. The crowds will be massed in their thousands to bid fair winds to the thirty intrepid skippers who must battle westward along a trail first blazed in 1960 by Francis Chichester in Gypsy Moth II and Blondie Hasler in Jester for the small wager of a half-crown. Many sailors dream of the challenge when simply put, starting from Plymouth, turn the bow to the west toward the setting sun and keep going for three or four weeks to America, on your own. Read More...

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