Wednesday, March 6, 2013

T-Minus 30 Days

I depart for Europe in a month to compete in the 2013 edition of OSTAR. Here's a basic schedule:

  • April 1 (weather dependent): Depart for France
  • Three weeks later or so, arrive in Port-La-ForĂȘt
  • Late April through Mid-May, fix all the stuff that broke getting to France, train & fine tune Jeroboam for the race
  • May 18/19, arrive in Plymouth, UK
  • May 24, reception at Royal Western Yacht Club
  • May 25, pre-race briefing
  • May 27, race start
  • 3-4 weeks later, finish in Newport, RI
  • June 30, reception at Newport Yacht Club

I'm planning to post here frequently over the next four months as I prepare to depart, deliver Jeroboam to France, prepare for the race and race back to Newport.

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