Friday, March 15, 2013

Reaching Staysail

When I put up the new mast last year, my grand plan was to add some larger staysails for double head sail reaching and spinnaker reaching. Some of you in the US who compete against me have seen me fly the mini staysail which looks pretty silly at first glance because it's so tiny but I think it actually does a decent job maintaining attached flow on the main. Here's a shot of Jeroboam as John Keane and I were racing through the cut in Bermuda on our way back to Newport for the double handed leg of the 2011 Bermuda 1-2:

The hoist point is below the radar reflector and dome and is actually the pole lift but works well for this sail. I added two more staysail tack points between the one shown above and the forestay and there are two more staysail halyards above the radar reflector/dome for flying larger staysails like the one shown here:

I picked this up used and made some modifications including swapping out the wire luff for dyneema and  working up a different way to tension the luff. This one is hoisted from the highest staysail halyard can be tacked to either the forward most tack point or the middle tack point, as shown above. I would fly it with the bow tacked asymmetrical spinnaker while reaching at 75-110 degrees off the breeze.

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