Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Update

Lots of queries on how Jeroboam fared last night so I thought I'd post something here. In short, all's well. The stern dock line parted on the boat next to me which slammed into Jeroboam pretty hard a couple times before I could leap out of my bunk to wrangle it back onto the dock. One damaged spot looks like just a gel coat flesh wound but the other has me a little worried. There's a port light in the hull, below the rub rail, that has a crack in it. I couldn't tell if the crack went all the way through but if so, I'm worried as when I beat to windward, it often dips below the surface. Other than that, no issues. My boat's instruments were recording wind speeds in the 20-30 knot range with most gusts to the upper 30s. There were two instances of gusts over 40 but they were very short lived. All 14 dock lines deployed for Jeroboam held well.