Monday, June 18, 2012

The Last Day?

Heard from Nate's wife who spoke with him on the cruise ship and he's doing well, thank God. And thanks for the well wishes.

Wind and current look promising for a pre-midnight finish but we shall see. In any event, I plan to wake up in Bermuda tomorrow and yuck it up at RBYC.

Meanwhile, I've not yet heard a ruling from the Race Committee. Officially Seabiscuit received outside assistance last night in the form of an IV bag and some needles as well as used her engine for propultion. I've asked them to let me continue racing and score the Biscuit however they please, adjusting for the time I spent underway making various rendezvous but no word yet.


  1. I'll have Summersgill draft papers just in case the Committee rules unwisely.

  2. Hey John,

    We're following you and are looking at each other with our mouths dropped open, saying 'wow' after reading your last 2 entries. You guys must have had a tough time. Hoping you'll be able to finish soon and make a good time after all. Praying for you!! Michael and Marta