Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bermuda wrap up

The boats are mostly all gone now, headed back toward the states, though in contrast to Bermuda 1-2, not racing. The awards ceremony at the Governor's mansion last night was delightful with lots of friends in attendance and I was honored to collect a special award for seamanship. Given the experience levels of those we competed against, it was a particular honor to be singled out like that. Two other boats who responded to the medical emergency we're also honored, Flying Lady and Spirit of Bermuda.

The real world calls so I return to the office tomorrow. Jeroboam is in need of much attention with the next big projects of installing the new mast and redoing the bottom occupying all of my spare time in the coming month. I'm still hopeful of entering some Maine single-handed races this summer but this will hinge greatly on the projects listed above and the timing of new sails. 

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