Sunday, June 17, 2012

2/3rds down

I think this is the fastest run to Bermuda I've ever been on. Nate's boat toughed it out like a champ last night as we pushed her to the limit across the gulf stream. In heavy seas we were making 10+ knots for most of the night, often in the 11-12 range and occasionallly hiting 15 surfing down a wave. Fun but very tiring. We're pretty wiped out.

This morning and afternoon it's more finesse sailing, playing the shifts and tweaking sail trim. I was delighted to see some decent breeze in the forecast for tomorrow. We're likely to hit some soft spots tonight so we'll hopefully finish sometime Tuesday if the wind holds out.

With the A2 gone, we'll probably try the down wind kite once the breeze moves a little further aft. There's some nasty rain clouds headed our way at present so we won't try anything until they're past as they're likely to bring some gusts.

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