Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah!

Dear Friends & Family,

I sent cards to everyone I had addresses for but wanted to post a holiday greeting here as well, albeit on the late side. When I look back over the past year and realize the worst thing that happened to me was coming in second in a sailboat race, I do indeed have much to be thankful for.

This being an odd year, the big race was Bermuda 1-2, a 635 mile single handed race from Newport to Bermuda then back the same distance double handed. Huge kudos to Gust Stringos on Bluebird for crushing me and beating the entire fleet on the single handed leg. In the 2009 running of this race, my accomplishment of this achievement was easily the greatest moment in my racing history and I’m very proud of Gust, a fellow Class 4 sailor, for rising to the top. On the way back, John Keane joined me and we had a blast, as we always do when we sail together. Some of my favorite memories of learning to sail and race are with Keane on his boats and we added many more memories to the archives on that leg. We also managed to beat the fleet on overall combined leg 1 & 2 time, a very big win for us.

I entered three more weekend races through the summer, the Down East Challenge, the Northeast Harbor Race and the Maine Rocks Race, though the NE Harbor Race was called off due to Hurricane Irene. The others offered some great competition among my Maine friends with Scott Miller on Resolute trouncing us all in the single handed class in both races. Ouch. Gotta get that guy next year.

Speaking of next year, Nate and I are gearing up to defend our Class 15 title in the Newport-Bermuda double handed division. Nate has an awesome boat for that race, a J-46 named Seabiscuit, and we have a rigorous training schedule lined up for the spring. We’re recruiting our shore support team so if anyone has an interest in getting involved, let us know.

Once again, I’ve fallen behind in updating my website but hope to spend some time on it over the next couple weeks. I hope everyone had a fantastic year!