Saturday, September 17, 2011

On our way to Mt Desert Rock

We had a fluky harbor start in Rockland where I set and doused my chute twice in a 10 minute period but shortly after working our way out of the harbor, the breeze filled in from the SE then shifted to the S and finally settled in the SW so it was a close reach all the way to Matinicus Rock. The boats that went too far right and too far left were the least efficient in use of the shift but there was a whole crowd of us at the rock so not much separation. Here's the line up for the single handed division:
Resolute, J/122, Scott Miller, PHRF rating of 33
Mainstay 5, JOD, Jim Coughlin, 90
Greyhawk, Peterson 34, Tim Allen, 123
Walkabout, Tarten 10, Doug Pope, 138
Bluebird, Morris 36, Gust Stringos, 177
Jeroboam, Beneteau 35, Jonathan Green, 177
Panacea, Freedom 32, Peter McCrea, 186
Inbox, Far Harbor 39, Bernie Blum, 192
At Matinicus, Scott was clearly leading the group but not completely out of sight, then there was a group of us that were all right there in the neighborhood: Mainstay, Greyhawk, Walkabout, Bluebird, Jeroboam and Panacea. Once around the rock, those with poled out symmetrical kites began working dead down the rhumbline (Mainstay, Greyhawk and Walkabout) while the rest of us with asyms footed off to the South to work our gybing angles (although Panacea may have winged and headed up the rhumbline). The bad news is the Bluebird and I were very close at the Rock but he's managed to sail much deeper than I and will very likely finish this leg in front of me, which will make it tough to battle back on leg 3 and 4. At this point I'm hoping for a shift to the West to lift me on the other gybe toward Mt Desert Rock.

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