Sunday, September 18, 2011

And at the wire...

Tough afternoon tacking up the bay to the finish line. The easterly shift was late, but even worse was preceded by a dying breeze and an hour of wallowing around Monroe Island waiting for the easterly. Such a classic moment in my memories of Maine racing: bobbing around aimlessly at the head of Monroe, either trying to get in or out of the bay. That must have been the 4th or 5th time that's happened to me.
Badger crushed me getting past Monroe but I had a good lead on Greyhawk until the wind died completely and my light air sailing weakness shined through. Tim cruised right past me in what was obviously the exact same wind conditions, Jeroboam going nowhere and Greyhawk moving nicely. Ouch. I need to work on that. Anyway, Tim crossed the finish line before me but owed me a bunch of time so I'll get him on corrected. All the while we were bobbing around there, I kept looking back to see Bluebird systematically marching up the bay, concerning me to no end. Thankfully the breeze filled in just in time and I managed to cross shortly before Gust.
All the boats who finished prior to the wind dying are probably going to be at the top of the heap so I don't have my hopes up for a top three finish but we shall see. I probably won't know the results until tomorrow or the next day as I'm presently sailing back to Marblehead. The race was only 112 nm but the round trip delivery is about 260 so it's been a full weekend, well long weekend anyway. But well worth it. This was the last race of the 2011 season and it occurred to me that I've only got 15 or maybe 20 more seasons of competitive racing left in me. I generally only do one big race per season plus another 3-6 weekend races so potentially that's as few as 60 more races in my lifetime. I need to pick and choose them wisely.

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