Thursday, August 25, 2011

Game Over

Race committee called off the race due to weather just as I sailed into Portland. I'll get some sleep then head back to Marblehead to ride out Irene.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ocean Planet Trophy

Yesterday the Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association reversed an earlier denial of my pursuit of the Ocean Planet Trophy so I'm officially off to the races, first the Northeast Harbor Race starting this Friday then the Maine Rocks Race on September 17/18. These two race results (assuming I manage to cross the finish lines) combined with the Down East Challenge race result from July will be used to score Jeroboam for the Ocean Planet Trophy. There's some tough competition lined up for this trophy:

Butch Minson, Cat's Paw, Lindenberg 28 (last year's winner)
Doug Pope, Walkabout, Tartan 10
Tim Allen, Greyhawk, Peterson 34
Scott Miller, Resolute, J/122
Peter McCrea, Panacea, Freedom 32
Gust Stringos, Bluebird, Morris 36

And others as there are additional qualifying races through the remainder of August and into September. Of course I'm no stranger to most of the above mentioned competitors so I know the hardships that lie ahead in facing this group. Most recently Scott Miller trounced me at the Down East Challenge last month and Gust Stringos crushed me on the single handed leg at Bermuda 1-2 in June so I've got my work cut out for me. I depart tomorrow night for Portland, ME in what's forecasted to be a fast down wind run with the skippers meeting on Thursday evening. I'll post position, race conditions and commentary here. First warning gun is Friday at 1000. Here's the course: