Sunday, July 24, 2011

Three Way Tacking Duel

As the wind filled in from the NE, Panacea, Walkabout and Jeroboam found ourselves in a tacking duel up Two Bush Channel. We have about 17 miles to go to the finish line so this is going to be a long hard battle to the bitter end. There are plenty of holes in the breeze so this duel will likely be won on who avoids the most of them. The othe big factor is who plays the shifts the best. The forecast is calling for the breeze to back a little bit toward the northeast but I suspect we'll see tons of other, more sutle shifts as we pick through the islands lining Two Bush Channel. Panacea started this duel in the lead but it's tough to tell who's in front at any given moment. Walkabout is clearly the best pointing boat with Panacea and Jeroboam about even on that score but we've all been very close over the past four hours. Another factor is the outgoing tide we need to contend with. Out tacking angles have been silly in the main body of the channel so we've been favoring the west side in hopes of avoiding some of the adverse current.

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